February 8, 2019

Paul's Case

1) Scene 1a. Prelude
2) Scene 1b. Ensemble “Paul, a High School Boy”
3) Scene 1c. Tribunal Song “It Is His Insolence”
4) Scene 1d. Duet “What Do You Have to Say”
5) Scene 1e. Ensemble “and He Bows, How Is That?”
6) Scene 2a. Overture “Now I’m Lighthearted and Free!”
7) Scene 2b. Father’s Aria “the Principal Told Me Today”
8) Scene 2c. English Teacher’s Aria “Years Ago I Walked Down the Aisle”
9) Scene 2d. Opera Scene “My Life Caught in the Stubble of the World”
10) Scene 3. Paul’s Aria “but Now the Gauntlet Has Been Thrown”
11) Scene 4a. Prelude
12) Scene 4b. Quartet “at the Waldorf Astoria”
13) Scene 4c. Quartet “Draw a Bath”
14) Scene 4d. Duet “Sunday Morning”
15) Scene 4e. Quartet “and I Wake at Two in the Afternoon”
16) Scene 4f. Quartet “His Father Will Go East"
17) Scene 4g. Intermezzo
18) Cene 4h. Aria “the Red Carnation”
19) Scene 5a. Quartet “the Money Was All Spent”
20) Scene 5b. Ensemble “but It Did Not Bring Him Back”