February 15, 2012

Secret And Divine Signs

1) Streamwalker (Introduction)
2) Here the Frailest Leaves of Me (Inspired By Whitman)
3) Sometimes With One I Love (Inspired By Whitman)
4) O You Whom I Often and Silently Come (Inspired By Whitman)
5) I'll Tell You How the Sun Rose (Inspired By Dickinson)
6) Pas De Deux
7) Split the Lark (Inspired By Dickinson)
8) Vesper Hymn
9) Among the Multitude (Inspired By Whitman)
10) Far from Love (Inspired By Dickinson)
11) Venetian Snowfall
12) Sleeping Rose (Inspired By Draddy)
13) The Dalliance of Eagles
14) Piano (Inspired By D. H. Lawrence)
15) Across the Fields (Inspired By Hesse)
16) Secret Spaces
17) Adrift, a Little Boat Adrift! (Inspired By Dickinson)
18) On This Wondrous Sea (Inspired By Dickinson)
19) The Awakening
20) It's All I Have to Bring Today- (an American Blessing) (Inspired By Dickinson)